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Pink is only for girls.

May 26, 2009
Ok, i agree with every post on this subject! (except for the ones saying pink is a girl color and blah blah blah) I don't see why boys can't wear pink! Oh yeah and that one thing about how it would be if you see a boy running around in pink was, in my opinion, offensive. what i also don't get is why when you try to go on a girl character, dye something pink, put it in shared bank, and take it out (i have tried dowing this) IT TURNS OUT GREEN or orange or whatever. If you think about it, wouldn't that mean that KI purposly made this so? that they went threw that programming trouble to not allow guys to wear pink? that is very sexist :(

Jun 10, 2010
Drifter69 wrote:
Wow a lot of conspiracy on Sexist being said in these post. Speaking of sexist why does the unicorn mount look to femine ?(girly) If cloth dye has pink only for girls, then why can't there be a unicorn mount that is a bit more on the guy side aswell as the unicorn mount on the girl side?

Pending on the gender of your wizard we should have a choice of what we want our unicorn mount to look like. Because lets face it the unicorn mount looks way to girly for a guy to have, lol.

I dont mean to be rude but you really dont have to have the unicorn mount.
I think it be cool if each school had its own mount like for example fire school had a heck hound as a mount or ride on a phoenix or another example maybe a life student riding a centaur. just a thought

Mar 07, 2009
ok, listen

1st. you guys understand that KI has to use there time and earned money to install all of this? i mean Ok you guys can think what ever you want. when you get a job that requires running patchs take a look at the cost it can cost any where from 1,000-5,000 and 10,000-20,000 dollors and any ways KI cant run around because you guys think this sexist. Guys, Girls you will learn something as you progress through life, you can go around spending huge amounts of money on a patch for boys that lets them wear pink. guys the money also cost more depending on the patch it is. so a gold color is gonna cost more then a brown color it is because the patchs are diffrent in a cost. there are two problems solved.