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Photomancy side quests

Sep 08, 2015
I was thinking, maybe for each world, Annie Shutterbug could give out quests to take pictures of certain NPCs/Places in the spiral. Like for Wizard City, and how Annie has you do the quest "Ready,shoot, aim!" to take pictures in some free areas of Wizard City. Annie could be like Zeke and Eloise. Traveling throughout the sprial for photography. We could help her out by taking photos. In exchange we could get training points or 1-7 day mounts, and gold. It could be a great way to earn gold, and to earn more training points. And possibly getting more wizards into Photomancy.

Aug 23, 2016
Sep 08, 2015
Jan 19, 2015
I love this idea! I think it would be amazing to have a quest to go around a world finding specific things/characters and taking their pictures. I like the current Zeke quests because they give me the opportunity to explore and appreciate the world I'm adventuring in, and I think more photomancy quests would add the same (or more, because you get to see the world form new/different angles and more zoom)

However, I vaguely remember that some operating systems don't work with photomancy yet (I may be wrong)? If so, I think they would need to fix photomancy first--otherwise some people wouldn't be able to do the quests.