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Pets and Pet Kiosk Wish

May 24, 2008
First off, I absolutely love the Hatching Kiosk. Thank you so very much for creating it. There have been so many times that I have had a real time trying to find someone with whom to hatch for either a pet type or talents. My only issue is the same one that I am sure came up with the wizard to wizard hatches. The ability to choose the look of the pet. With the hatching kiosk, it would be so great if we could put a check mark on the look of the pet; rather like we are able to stitch gear. I understand the fun of working to breed that perfect pet but it gets a bit frustrating to spend gold and keep getting the wrong look. Since the crown pets are still wizard to wizard, I'm not sure I understand why the more common kiosk pets should also have the random look factor. It still takes time to breed for talents so, other than a frustration in gold and time, I'm not sure it serves a real purpose. Anyway, thanks very much for this new addition to the game. I really do enjoy it and am not complaining so much as expressing a wish for the future.