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Petition to speed up Khrulhu

Nov 25, 2011
Support 150% this spell is seriously so slow it would benefit from getting a speed boost.

Mar 03, 2013
I use khrulhu a lot on my death wizard and I absolutely agree that it should move a little faster. This is me supporting this petition.

PatrickNightShade Lvl 100

StephenFireBlade Lvl 35

Nov 30, 2012
If they fix the speed they should fix the damage. 830 is only 10 better than level 68 spell (even if it is an AoE). 1100 was to high I think anywhere from 900-980 would be good. If it's that low at least add a plague or something.

But yea. It's really slow

Nov 17, 2013
Have they sped it up yet?

They can still use the same Khrulhu animation, but make it faster by 1.25 speed, and instead of hitting one person at a time (which takes forever!), the spell can hit everyone at the same time and heal the spell caster. I don't see why they haven't done that yet, I mean, in Darkmoor, Malistaire's dragon using the attack-all spell attacks everyone at the same time.

Dec 26, 2013
On the other hand...
It's being cast by a level 100 wizard so unless Khrulhu is being used against a group of uber-bosses, more than likely it's going to take them all out. The time it takes to do this would be roughly equivalent to the time it would take the rest of the party to use lesser spells to accomplish the same thing. If it is against some enemies with massive health then chances are you're in an instance that's going to take a long time to complete anyway. If you're in a 2-hour fight, what's another minute or so? (the spell takes roughly 80 seconds when used against a full rack of four enemies) I agree, it's long, and I hate it when it's used more like a "show-off" spell in low-level dungeons when Scarecrow would accomplish the same thing. But against a tough group of enemies I don't mind the wait.

Jul 21, 2015
Speed it up ki i have a time limit

Michael moon heart level 2 or maybe 3 wizard

Jan 17, 2010
I agree 100%. There is nothing more annoying than to see lulu pop up in the middle of a battle. I think the spell looks amazing, but it take WAYY to long. It would be amazing if it were to attack everyone at once. This would not only make many players happy but personally, I think it would look much cooler.

I sign this petition as much as I am able to on this message board.

Feb 21, 2015
Honestly, I wish they would speed up the spell as well as give it a more polished look, like when the fire meteors got updated, now it just looks awesome. The graphics for Khrulu are subpar from what it's potential could be! This is one of my favorite spells but the length and graphics could be greatly improved!

Nov 16, 2013
Lucas Rain on Dec 5, 2014 wrote:
KI got explicit feedback that this spell was too slow when test realm was out, but I can't see that much has been done to improve the speed on this particular spell. Therefore, I'm issuing a petition to remind developers that the players weren't happy. Sign below or comment if you agree.

I appreciate what the developers have done to speed up most of the spell animations in the past, and hope the developers will do something to bring this spell on par with other AoE's. (I've met many people farming Darkmoor who know this as "the slow spell." They don't even call it Khrulhu.)
i completely think they need to speed it up and with four enemies even faster

Nov 17, 2013
The new Balance spell that was released with the world of Polaris hits all enemies at once. So my question is, why can't they do the same with Khrulhu?

Many spells attack all opponents at the same time, such as Malistaire's dragon in Darkmoor and the new Life spell, Wings of Fate.

Sep 26, 2013
I'm a death wizard and get complaints a lot when casting lulu. I suggest allowing him to come out of the water like normal but when healing, he can just turn around (like scarecrow) to heal instead of dipping back down in the water.

Jan 11, 2012
it looks sped up to me in the test realm. From casting to blading is where the spell seems to have shortened. I've said it before and Ill say it again:

ANYTHING that effects more than one target should be applied to all targets at the same time, be it buffing, damage, debuffing, or healing. So, things like Virulent Plague, Smokescreen, sprite swarm, mass prism, bladestorm, windstorm, etc. ALL of those should happen faster

Aug 31, 2012
Petition signed by: Fiona SummerBlossom, Level 100

I estimate that Lulu takes up to 2 minutes with 4 enemies with the seconds added from blades/traps/shields/critical/blocking activating.

Aug 04, 2014
Plz speed it up. I know of one youtube video where three people were doing Aphrodite and four death people used khrulhu. that round legit took five minutes - with three people on the team


lvl 108
lvl 91
lvl 50

Apr 26, 2010
how about speeding up like um every spell in the game.

Aug 04, 2014
Maybe instead of just doing that, there could be a fast combat system in wizard just like in pirate.

Dec 04, 2013
PLEASE! My questing buddy doesnt let me hit because he hates how long lulu takes o.0 PLEASE speed it up! O.O

Death dominates!

Nov 17, 2013
People are saying the spell did speed it up somehow, but I don't see it.
Anyone else?