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Pet wand and talking

Mar 11, 2017
Hello, I thought of a cute fun idea for pets. What if we could get a tiny wooden wand for our pets that can be equipped and put in their mouth. And you can select spells your pet can cast. Like maybe they can summon food items like a cookies or apples or cake and it can summon them and levitate the food to their mouths and eat it!, maybe even summon a tiny bowl of milk to drink. Or it can summon a friend to play with (maybe even the player can join in playing with the creature and their pet! ) Like maybe a unicorn for example and maybe a game can be played with the two, maybe a few games. Or maybe your pet can summon a bouncy ball that you and your pet (even maybe a summoned pet friend) can pass the ball and you have to try and run and catch it when it comes your way!, And any other toys kings could put out for those spells. Maybe even your pet can cast a spell so it can talk to you!

fun idea?