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Pet Talent Fortuneteller idea

Jul 25, 2012
Hello I have an idea for a Wizard101 feature. Firstly I love your game and enjoy it a lot! My idea is to have a fortune teller in the pet pavilion area. Players pay gold or crowns and the fortune teller shows all abilities of one selected pet. It shows all manifested and all potential talents. It does not really predict which talents will be manifested next, just which ones are in its pool. This would help pet trainers greatly, to know which talents it could have for Second generation and higher pets. This would be especially useful if hatching with others who may have lost the heritage of the parents pets. Wizards who see that there are no talents that they seek can move on with another pet. This could help reduce trainer frustration, and be a gold/crown sales point.

Mar 27, 2011
Seems kind of pay-to-win. If you keep records of your hatches it isn't that hard to know what talents are in your pool anyway.

Aug 20, 2011
Is this for solo hatching, or are you thinking about this as an option for two different players?

If it happens, I'd prefer what you described to be solo only. I don't want to make the hatchery more unpleasant when people start requiring you to visit the fortune teller with them and then they still say no.

Sep 19, 2013
What would help trainers more is a way to reset a talent, see talents that will manifest, basically have foreknowledge of what talents you will get or be able to fix them.

Jul 25, 2012
This for me would be beneficial in hatching with others. I have hatched with others several times and they stated their pet was first generation. My new hatched pet manifested a talent that neither 1st generation parent has, and it tells me that the other trainer forgot theirs was in actuality a second or third generation pet. I can keep track of my pet heritage but not so with another wizard. This could also be a good thing to see a unexpected but desirable talent in the pool for the pet.

Jul 25, 2012
To reply to Lucas Rain, this would be a solo event for one wizard. A wizard would step up, select a pet from their inventory, pay a gold or crown fee and the fortune teller would display all of the talents in that pets pool. They could view the information until they canceled out to walk away or choose another pet. Only the owner of the pet would see the results. That way the trainer of the pet could see which talents are in the pool the should be able to tell which talents are already manifested, and then determine whether they want to continue in their training of that pet. This feature would be most beneficial to wizards who hatch with other wizards which may not exactly remember what the parent move set is or was.