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Pet stitching

Jul 31, 2019
One thing that I think would be really cool to see in a future update is pet stitching. The reason I think this would be cool is because the artists make so many cool pets, (that new dog in the pet trainer bundle looks great) but some of them are not used very often because some pets have a better set bonus or better cards. This would be really good for letting wizards have the look they love while being able to have the best stats possible. That's all I wanted to say just thought it was a cool thing that should be added in one day.

Sep 30, 2009
I think that this and the ability to change your name are the two biggest things KI needs to do! With pets: First we would have to call it something else. Like the magic mirror it could be called the pet copying or copy morphing...or something. It honestly its not that different from the way the hatching looks like anyway with the brain helmets they are hooked up to in the hatching arena. Kind of looks like brain swapping already lol. And to encourage purchases KI could make it so you have to personally own both pets. Which would encourage people to buy new pets or do more hatches, as well as reward those who have done millions of hatches already. As for the kiosk the stats/cards part of the pet would be what "it is" just like how if you look at the cloths of a person it shows the name of the one that has those stats. So if you saw for example a rain core with the look of an owl or something it will show "rain core" as the pet. Your pet in a kiosk will not be displayed in its current shape but rather what its base or true state is. Easy.

As to the name change thing i wont divert too much but it feels like a need that dates back to the beginning of the game just like the pet one so they go together in my head. I was thinking to make things easier and better for KI not only do you have to pay crowns for the change...but was thinking as a consequence also...that it deletes your friends list! I know that sounds alarming but hear me out. This would fix any problems with KI having to fix the change that would occur on everyone's pages. Essentially it would be "as if" you did delete the wizard and thus your name vanished from everyone's lists like it does already. It would also discourage constant changes.

I want an honest opinion on this. With that consequence of loosing all the friends you had saved up be worth it or not. Would you still be willing to do it? As for me...I would! Close friends i have added to multiple wizards and so those ones i would meet up with again or friend finder again to fix the problem. And all the others never play or i am out of touch with anyway so its no loss. I would happily make this sacrifice in order to change a few of my wizards yet keep things easier for KI. I think if enough people agreed to make this a consequence...that KI would loose their last excuse for not allowing this to happen.