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Pet stat

Nov 09, 2013
Hey, i was thinking the other day, i have a pet eyecaramba with may cast plague.
But, i've battled more than 10 battles and it hasn't casted a single plague yet!
So i had an idea for a new pet stat. it's called "senses". If you train that stat and you get
a may cast talent your pet will have a greater chance of casting the spell. I'm saying this
because i spent over 5000 crowns on a pet and all it gives are some cards. Also,
some pets i saw during pvp casted sprite, for instance, like, every other round it seemed.

Please at least raise the may cast chance of pets.

Sep 17, 2012
Different May Cast spells have different triggers. Healing spells are triggered by anything done by anyone, so they go off more. Things like plague and other charms are usually only triggered by you attacking. So there's a lot more chances for healing to trigger.

Nov 09, 2013
well i won all of the battles so...
and i used plenty attacks in my opinion and right now STILL no

Jul 31, 2011
Hi awesomedude8910,

I hear you and understand your frustration, firstly you can learn more about pet talents from various fan sites like wizard101central and duelist101.

second for pvp I have always said PvP is Player verses Player not PpvPp, Player pet verses Player pet

Healing pets are very important and have there place however I don't think any should be able to be in PvP, if you need a pet to randomly cast a healing spell to save you then you aren't a good/great PvP wizard.

Your idea is great and with some work would add a new depth to pets. For example yes you can train your pet to improve its may casting rate of plague however doing so would reduce the casting rate of say healing spells.

Have classed pets like Attacking, Healer or Defender then apply the variables to the may cast rate for each category.

Attack pets would be attack pets and have a higher chance to mc attacking spell and have a low rate at casting healing and defending spells. Yes you can train your attacking pet to cast healing or defending spells better however the improvement wouldn't be as great if you trained it with the attacking type spell. Also improving one directly decrease skill in casting another eg: even the best musicians in the world practice every day to ensure they stay great, ask them what happens when they change there focus and stop practicing, yes they can still can play however they have lost there edge there skill level they once had with everyday practice of that instrument or skill.

The same idea can be applied to Defender and healing pets.
It would be a huge job to apply this because of all the pets already out there and huge complaints from many players about losing may cast rates of there favorite pet.

Pets should help us not be better then us for example a pet could cast unicorn and fairy in the one round, that would cost us 5 pips, what is the cost to the pet?