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Pet Stable House

May 17, 2009
There are soooo many pets in the game that we need a house designed to keep not just 50 in a space like now but at least 200. Many of us collect them but are running out of places to keep them. A stable would be a great house for pets that would let you view them and maybe even show you their stats BEFORE you have to put them in your pack to see it. Just a thought.

Aug 18, 2011
This has been suggested, and it's a great idea. There's a problem, but it can be overcome.

The current pet limit per house is in part to prevent lag. Pets are fairly resource intensive because of the way they move about, so it might be a problem to have more loaded on older machines.

My fix for that is for the pet ranch to have separate biomes or zones, so only 50 pets will be loaded at a time, even if we have 200 or 250 there total.

It could be something like the Floating Mountains in AZ, where each "island" would have a theme; a volcanic fire world, an icy mountain, a wooded life area, a dark death cave or graveyard, a pond for storm & water creatures, a grassy plain with "mythic" monuments, etc -- all connected by bridges. So we'd have all our pets in one castle, but our hardware would still only have to handle 50 at once -- just load them for the island we are on.

I love the idea of a stat viewer too. Like a wildlife guide book, with a page for each pet so we can find them to pick up.