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Pet, Spell, And Mount Ideas!!!

Mar 28, 2011
Share Your Idea!
When You Say an Idea Please make is Some-what Like this Form:
Subject: (Pet, Spell, Mount) Example: Pet
Title: Example: Blizzard Horse
Abilitys: Example: Can Cast Sprite Spells, And Ice Shields + And Ice Traps
Looks: Frosty Blue Horse
Cost: (Must be Reasonable) 2,067 Gold / 200 Crowns
Hope you Post Your Idea! :D

Apr 09, 2011
hmm idk if they have won im not even to marleybone yet but i really think a pet called sharkus or something like that cant think of a name anyways looks like a miniature 1 of those shark guys in celestia depending on if you get fire one ice one or electric one it casts stormzilla firezilla or icezilla mount idea a 60% boost comes out with ravenwood a large raven with a saddle not sure exactly what it looks like but kind of like that not sure of new gear still gotta find out what is there love emoticons