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Pet Ideas - Any Idea Are Welcome!

A+ Student
Dec 11, 2010
Pet Wand (A pet that looks like a wand)

Gives 5 copies of "Petflame"
0 pips 200 damage

May 27, 2013
Well we do need more enchanted gears not saying that the enchanted armarment is bad but we just more enchanted pets so here or my ideas

1. enchanted snare trap
just like armarment but 10%to traps instead

we also need s omething for Unicorn Way drops it is not fair that wizards like meand above get good pet drops so maybe this

2. mini pirate
a pet dropped by rattlebone i know rattlebone drops a pet already but hear me out the sprint dropped by rattlebone is usless until you train her but no one even trains their pets these days unless they are bored and no one is ever bored so this pet will be perfect because it does something

btw I forgot to tell you what mini pirate does and what type they are fyi mini pirate does viral plauge and is death while enchanted snare is storm

Jason Waterblade

“what is strongen fear is hope“ The Hunger Games

Mar 30, 2010
maybe a manticore for or a gargoyle for , those would be awesome or hey even a cyborg pet .

Jan 20, 2010
Hey all !

This game needs a pet fox ! (btw no weird facial grisn like the tiger) just a cute fox pet ! That would be awesome !

Sep 24, 2011
I think it would be so cute if there was a monster pet. Like, ones with horns and fur. That would be awesome!Also, I think an eal pet would be cute. Wt about a butterfly!

Your Friend,
Sophie Sparkle stone

Mar 13, 2012
JonThunderBlade on Aug 31, 2013 wrote:
maybe a manticore for or a gargoyle for , those would be awesome or hey even a cyborg pet .
There's already a garoyle pet that you can get in the Phoenix Hoard Pack