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Pet idea: Pets that grow with you

Aug 18, 2009
i was thinking it would be neat to buy a pet that will grow as your character advances.

i don't mean physically gets bigger, i mean it will become more useful the longer you keep it.

as you gain experience the pet will provide you with different and more powerful spells.

for example:
you go to the pet shop and buy a fire kitten. which gives you no bonus card.
when you equip it, it will begin 'monitoring' your experience and after you have earned X (five to ten levels worth) experience it will 'grow' into a fire cat.
now it provides you with a bonus fire cat card.
after you have gained X more experience, it will provide you with a fire elf card.
it can continue to grow and provide different, more powerful cards the longer you keep it

it may even, at higher levels, provide other bonuses like accuracy or resistance, or multiple cards

it would probably be a programing nightmare, but if it could track what spells you cast, it could provide you with a bonus card of your most frequently cast spell.

if you unequip it, it resets back to it's 'young' state so you cant trade a powerful pet to a new character, the new character would get the baby pet.

just an idea that's been bouncing around my empty skull for a little while :) hope it inspires good ideas in others.

Aug 23, 2009
what a wonderful idea. only one problem, people will think its somewhat worthless for it to give a card which anyone can learn those spells. so it should come with exclusive cards for example. the heckhound(i just love that guy or hound whichever you call it)only pyromancers will learn that spell. so heres a better version. it changes its type changes every five to ten levels.

Jul 26, 2009