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Pet hatchery idea

Apr 25, 2011
We could have a section for every school, so its easier to find pets to hatch

Jul 09, 2010
Please add more detail to your idea. I'm always interested in anything having to do with a better pet experience, but I don't yet see the help in this.

1. The pet bodies are by school but pet talents that support schools (i.e. Death damage and outgoing heal...) hatch onto any kind of pet. So which is the dividing issue, species or talents?

2. How would stalls or whatever make it easier than using the friends list thing to peek at a pet you are interested in?

Maybe it would be more clear if you include an example situation and how your idea helps.

Apr 25, 2011
because realm switching for 20 minutes wont help alot, dividing into multiple schools or talents or whatever would make it way easier to find the pet you want instead of realm switching

Jan 02, 2011
Hi there!

I like your idea! However, the problem is that you can almost instantly recognize the school of the pet...

But if they were separated by "availability" then that would be better because most people just come into the hatchery to meet up with someone and then leave.

Keep up the good ideas!
Jack Legend