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Pet Experience Spell

Apr 26, 2010
Um It is really difficult and expenseive to upgrade pets once they get to a certain level. So Because of this I was just thinking about a spell that would help pets gain experience and stats. Ok so when we think about experience and stats we know that you gain this stuff by learning just like being in a class or battling. So how about we get an amulet in the crowns shop that gives us 5 extra pet energy and comes with a card that takes the cost of 2 pet energy and pips, then allows the pet to deal 80 damge and gain 2 experience and 2 points of a random stat. The school of the attakc could be an astral so there's no resistance or it could be the same as the school of the pet. Like here's an example. I have a Firecat with me and I draw the pet attack card, I use it on my foe and my Firecat attacks using 2 points of his pet energy, he deals 80 fire damage and gains 2 points of experience and a random stat. And Wah Lah! Thats how it works. I thought since it was just a little bit of something to kinda help with pets plus I think that since it's in the crown shop then its a pretty reasonable Idea. Also I bet a lot of wizards will buy it, I know I will!