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pet drops immposible

May 22, 2009
i just have one favor to ask kingsisle. make it easier for bosses to drop pets cause i fight bosses like all day and all night and get no pets from them i have been trying to get pets for the past week and still nothing so PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ MAKE IT MORE LIKELY THAT BOSSES DROP PETS

May 23, 2009
i dont think they should because then every one would have like 60 pets and then it would be like a pet spree

Feb 22, 2009
i think they should especially for the dungeon pets been trying for a life minotaur (in a dungeon under waterfall in Gh) ever since the new pets came out same for blue banshee (drop from nightshade in Wc) i really think they should make it easier but i also think they should make a way to trade pets safely.

Jul 26, 2009
Sorry to say but I am happy with the way it is. To be honest that is one thing that kills a game, they start making things easier to get.

That is why i also dont like the fact they are going to make it easier in Dragonspyre, I think it should be left alone the way it is.

May 18, 2009
I really wish they would leave things alone. I mean- I like all the new updates and all but stop making things easier. I have been playing for over a year now and I love the game, but I am beginning to feel that it's not the same game anymore. Please stop making it easier, and just leave it alone

May 22, 2009
i dont mean like they always drop the pet just like 10 percenth chance of it dropping and a 90 percent chance of it not dropping

May 26, 2009
want ot know what i did?
team up with storms and kill it fast he or she is more likely drop it!

Aug 30, 2009
well i've gotten pet drops on my first try i got a celstia crab thing, and a yellow ghost and i wasnt going for it but most people complain bout pet drops and i think they should heighten the chances of getting pet drops