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Pet Drop Percentage Elixir?

Aug 20, 2009
lots of people think that there are too many bosses that have too low of a pet drop percent. has KI though of maybe putting a elixir in the shop that ups the percentage chance a pet will drop? there are elixirs for XP, gold, health, mana, and a slew of others...
but what about the things that you don't get?

maybe a potion to increase the drop percentile for housing items?
maybe a potion to increase the drop percentile for wands?
maybe a potion to increase the drop percentile for decks?
and all the other items individually or as groups, hat/amulet, shoes/ring, etc.

they could be crowns only, 50crowns for 15 minutes? a person could buy the potion just before the killing the boss.

if the option is already out there for a person with a lot of crowns to "buy" better outcomes via regeneration and damage percentages, why not open it up to the other things some players are clamoring for?

i'm interested in what the Wizard101 community (traditionalists and modernists ) thinks about this topic.

Oct 26, 2009
I would totally support an increased rare item drop potion or better yet a crowne item that you could equip that would add a greater likely-hood of the pet, furniture, clothing, or wand item dropping for you. KI would increase the revenue obtained from this potion or item because EVERYONE would want to have it. I have spent hours farming various items and this is my number one frustration with the game. I don't have hours or days to spend trying to get an elusive item or pet. My friends have these pets in multiples and I'm starting to wonder if I have a curse I don't know about. I would love to know if an item or potion is in the works? Thanks KI, I hope this plea is heard and a compromise can be reached.