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Pet Breeding Suggestion!

Dec 10, 2010
Myself and my brother were thinking - Wouldn't pet breeding be so much better if you could choose the talents you wanted a specific pet to have?

It's hard enough levelling up a pet with the -hopes- of getting the talents you want, and then spending so much gold on breeding a separate pet, again with the -hopes- of it having the correct combination of skills you want. For example, I'm trying to level up three different pets, all with skills I'd like to have on one pet eventually. So the minimum work is to level up all three pets until I -hopefully- get the skills I want. Then I'll have to breed two of them together and -hopefully- get one pet with the correct combo of skills I want. THEN I'll have to breed that combo pet with the final original pet and again - hopefully- get a single pet with all three skills. And if I want to breed the final pet with a nicer looking one for aesthetics, then the whole process starts again.

Maybe it doesn't sound like a lot written down, but for a member player who can't afford to use crowns to buy better snacks and refill my energy, it would take literal months. So as well as spending all my energy on playing the mini games at pet pavilion to level up, I'll be farming for good snacks (Specifically pixie sticks in mirror lake), and gold so I can keep breeding my pets when I inevitably get a bunch of dud pets who don't have the correct combo of skills I want.

However, if I knew there was a guarantee of me getting the skills that I want, through skill selection during breeding/hatching, then I wouldn't mind the hours and hours of farming for pixie sticks and gold to get the pet I want. It would still take a lot of time, effort, snacks, and farming, but it would be worth it.

Personally I feel the balance between people who spend crowns and people who have to work for their stuff is really unfair, especially when it comes to breeding pets. Even with just the addition of skill select, that would make it more fair and worthwhile for those who can't afford crowns, and also make it so you still have to work hard to get your ideal pet.

(Also, as a side note, I feel like the double XP events should be a permanent thing for members, and maybe have a triple XP event on top of that if KI still want to have XP events)

Feb 18, 2012
I spend a lot of time training my pets.
I would like to see a probability guide (history) for each pet.
It would give me a feel for the probability of what talent a pet may get.
I know K.I. will not give away the exact future talents for a pet.
But some help would be great.
It is such a downer to get the mega slot filled with useless talents
after great talents filled in the first slots.