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Perfect Death house

Sep 02, 2008
Hey im a lvl 39 Death student and i want to buy a house that looks most like the death school. I'm talking about like dead trees and fog on the floor and the thorn windows plus the thorns growing out of the ground with dark walls and finally gravestones. So if you know which house i should buy pls post it. Thx

Sep 28, 2008
I found that and at the advice of others that the smaller Marleybone house with a few additions can be made into a somewhat "attractive" death house. Its a house with a nighttime sky and adequate space for a small graveyard. With the addition of a few items that you can pick up by either farming or purchasing at the Bazaar, it makes a fabulous place. By the way, the only item I know of that gives "fog" would be a smoking pagoda dropped by Koto in the Village of Sorrow I believe. Can't remember right off. With two or three of these and the graves and markers its effect is sweet. The inside of the house can be designed any way you wish of course. Mine has weathered wooden floors with "floating" candles and trash, torn pictures, worn furniture etc... etc... Its the only house I have been able to give the effect I wanted due to the effects it offered.

Maybe later, KI will offer the sky packages of DragonSpyre along with the houses packages but for now, this works. By the way, the skies of the DragonSpyre houses looks better but its hard to place grave sites on hard surfaces and not in grassy areas lol. Just does not look right. Hope this helps and good luck on your "House".

James DeathHammer
GrandMaster Death
James DreamRider
GrandMaster Balance