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Passive skills

Jul 27, 2010
I want a new thing in the game called skill traits or something like in mmo's where they get upgrade a stat for example you upgrade your damage by one and it's different to every school for example
When a storm wizard levels up he either gets to upgrade
+2 % damage or
+10 critical or
+1% pierce or
+1% pip chance
Storm gets all of these choices because they focus on damage. All the other schools can learn +1 % pip chance

+1% universal resist or
+5 block universal or
+1% damage or
+1% pip chance

Ice can get all these choices cause they are defensive

+5% outgoing or
+5% incoming or
10 critical or
1% damage or
+1 % pip chance

You could get points every level or second level or you can get them from quests like training points. I made this idea cause I wanted wizards to be different from each other like you can have the same gear and the same pets and you would have the same stats and you can customise your wizard for example if you're life and you don't heal as much you would put points on your damage. You can reset your points with crowns. I just made those stats ups and Ki can fix it to make it balance.
Tell me about your opinions guys!