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party ideas made and more ideas from blaze

Nov 04, 2008
i saw that they made wizard101 parties. if you don't belive me go to newsletter in wizard society and scroll down to party time. and i have some new ideas first i would like the parties to be in game, also. they could have a gobbler pinata that you battle to get items it respawns quickly. party person first. then for the gobbler pinata a duel arena you would make room for that you can do that and then there should be crafting hunts. whoever finds the ingridients gets to make there recipe asnd wins a rare sword and ring for there school ( gurtok sorry people under lvl 50). that was my idea hope you can consider it. bye

blaze rubyblood lvl 50 ps: make party favors like wands and other stuff then a wizard chess game. consider that to plz? :D :-) :) bye