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paradox gear idea

Jun 06, 2013
was thinknig would be cool to get it in the crown shop or from a vendor i would so purshase it

Apr 03, 2016
sistersky605 on Nov 22, 2018 wrote:
was thinknig would be cool to get it in the crown shop or from a vendor i would so purshase it
It is very strong gear, it should be farmed.

Jul 05, 2014

I would have to disagree heavily with this because this is the gear you're supposed to farm for excessively. Buying it from the crown shop or from a vendor would completely defeat the purpose and make it too easy to get the items.

-Tiffany Hex

Nov 21, 2011
You can technically buy it by farming the second chance chest, but there's no guarantee you'll get what you want..

On the same note though, i do feel the paradox gear set should at least be dyeable. It's such a shame that such a good-looking piece of gear doesn't really fit the look i'm going for. A lot of people i've asked in-game seem to agree with me.

Jul 16, 2014
Astral Forest drops that hat and boots which are the only good things once again. It's also a pretty easy dungeon to farm. I got my hat on the second farming run and my boots like on the tenth or so. Just team up and stick with it and they will drop.

Mar 10, 2015
Guys honestly for the effort it takes to farm storm titan it is not worth it. Admiral Dynt gear is only worse by 1%. So tell me, is the extra 1% worth wasting hours of nerves and crowns?

No it’s not. Go to the nimbus and farm away at his gear and cabalist boots. Way better use of your time.