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Panda Pet Idea

Mar 12, 2011
So we have the Red Panda which is now in the crown shop, but how about a Panda Bear? I was thinking it could be a cute life pet. Maybe you could add it to the crown shop or make it a limited offer. (I think it should be a permanent crown shop pet )

Jul 09, 2010
I love this idea! I was just thinking about a Panda Pet the other day I love Pandas and their babies.

If they ever bring out the Animal Charity Pet Castle I asked for on Feedback Friday 5-29-15 a Panda Pet would go along with that theme beautifully. He could be one of the pets and his natural environment could be one of the add-ons.
Ooh it could be a mom and her cub together - like the School of Fish in DS fishing.


Mar 31, 2012
That is the cutest and coolest idea ever! :D It would be so awesome for such a pet and you know it's always great to have a new pet. Nice idea!

Dec 20, 2010
That would be adorable! They could even do it as a charity pet for the World Wildlife Fund or somesuch.

(And, slightly off topic, I love the idea of the Animal Charity Bundle! I'd be highly likely to buy those, knowing the proceeds were going to such a worthy cause.)