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Pack Gear Rank-Up

Sep 19, 2013
Whenever the level cap goes up, there's always new levels on pack gear, right? And you'll always have the second-to-last tier, and other people will laugh at you for your old wand and destroy you in PvP. But it seems like too many crowns to try and get a new one, and if you do get it you'll have two and that's silly.
My idea is to allow you to rank up pack gear to the next tier (e.g. Level 90 Frosty Stare Tiki Torch to level 100) for a Crowns fee. This might get KI less money from the hard-core, "I must have THE most powerful weapon EVER" crowd, but for those of us who just get one you'll make more money for the upgrade, as we won't be willing to dig back into packs for the chance to get another, and I think it will balance out.