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Organization of homes

Feb 16, 2009
Hey, I am just wondering, am i the only person who does this?
In my house, I have a room with all KT stuff, and i put an evelope next to the MB mailbox outside. Does anyone else do this?

Jul 21, 2009
I have a Krok room upstairs in my mansion, with rough stone flooring and hieroglyphic wallpaper.

Downstairs is in the Marleybone style, with a bar and barstools. Comfy stuffed chairs sit beneath portraits of airships and maps.

The rotunda is given over to MuShu decorations. Don't touch the swords, they are not toys.

The bedroom is mostly Wizard City style, with all my envelopes on the nightstand.

I used to have the post box outside near the Spiral Door, but that thing is ugly. It's in the attic now. The postman just puts new letters in the mouth of the stone chameleons flanking the front door.

Adam Ashfriend - Grandmaster Interior Decorator