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Option to turn off item notifications.

Dec 10, 2012
Forgive me if this has been posted somewhere else but I wanted to give it a shot. Some of us wizards are still playing with a not so up to date and I am unaware if this is an issue for others but it is for me. When I finish a fight, farm my plants, or even feed large amounts of junk to my pets for clearing out items the notification will pop up that I have received an item and will eventually go away after about 30ish seconds which is normally not a problem. When I am out farming mobs or bosses or doing one of the mentioned tasks I take in a lot of items at once and this causes a back up in the notifications. When one goes away either by time or right-clicking it away the game stutters for brief moment but when 5 go away at the same time due to time out my game freezes for seconds at a time and if it was because I say harvested my plants it will sometimes just outright freeze my window and force a restart.

Would there be any way to implement an option to turn off these notifications like we do with the tutorial tips?

Thank you for the read.

May 07, 2010
i would love something like this, either an option to turn them off or perhaps an overhaul of the item notification system. my pc isnt that old or outdated but this still happens to me and i dont know why. its super irritating -- letting the drops disappear on their own causes the game to freeze, but right-clicking them to make them go away sooner ALSO causes the game to freeze. the only way to get around it is to load into a new area so all the notifications disappear.
im glad to know im not the only one who has this problem, thanks for bringing it up

Jun 19, 2010
Yes the notifications can be a bother. I also encounter a difficulty when harvesting plants, especially if I harvest a full field of ripe plants. The circles that show up on the left side don't stack in one column - they actually create many columns to the point my whole screen is full of circles and then everything freezes until they all go away - one by one, with seconds in between.
I know, in the grand scheme of life it is only 5 or minutes I have to sit there waiting to get control again. But I learned the hard way to never go harvest plants while waiting for a Beastmoon event to activate. I was a no show and got penalized for it.
It would be wonderful to shut off all the circles that show up on either left or right side of the screen.