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Open (Filtered) Chat - Numbers

Dec 01, 2012
I noticed that the open text chat for 13+ (or adult permission) filters out numbers. I understand why it's filtered; people can easily give out their personal information, which is prohibited. However, I think the chat system should allow you to say numbers if there is a word in front or after the number, making it okay.

For example:

Level 89

3 Pips

Round 2

10 minutes

I know that some people may disagree, but this is just a suggestion. It's kind of annoying having to type "I'll be online in tenth minutes," instead of "I'll be online in 10 minutes." Let me know what you think.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
They probably won't change their filters, but I agree that it's a hassle trying to explain cheat cycles when we can't use numbers. We're already stressed by battle and then forced to think creatively because of the filters, often with only a few seconds to get our point across.

Alia Misthaven

Jan 18, 2010
Or, for accounts who have flawless report cards; I.E are in good standing with KI, No Reports, Subscribed etc, should just be given the option to say numbers.

Look Into It KI...

Mar 18, 2017
I'm all for this idea! As you said, I think the best way to go about it would to only allow them next to certain words (pips, minutes, etc) to reduce ways of revealing ages or important personal information.

Please give it some thought, KI!


May 03, 2016
You do know you can go into your account online and change to open chat (+18). This one has no filter on numbers or anything except swearing of course.

Oct 27, 2009
I have noticed that there are many people who are unfamiliar with the Menu chat options. Just yesterday I tried to tell someone with filtered chat there is a perfectly good way to tell people your level, using menu chat, and demonstrated that I could do so using menu chat.
For those who haven't looked at menu chat since they upgraded to filtered or unfiltered chat, you might find, if you turn it back on, that there are many new options to say things there. I seem to recall a number of new additions relating to dealing with the cheating bosses, Including saying something about rounds. You might want to give it a look. Menu chat is much more functional than it used to be. If you know what options are there, you might be able to find the one you need, when you need it, or add it to your favorite menu chat list. It lets you say some things that are not allowed in the other chats.
You can activate it in Options ( reached by Esc or the cogwheel in spell book). Select the Gameplay 1 button (to the right of the speaker button). You can have both menu chat and your regular chat available at the same time, just select Both. I hope this is helpful.
The numbers are filtered for good reason, people were very creative in trying to go around them for bad purposes.