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"Ooh you got crowns, can you gift me?"

Dec 03, 2012
I've never been asked directly to "gift" them, on live realm. My most memorable quote:
I was in the commons when I get a friend request.
Stranger- Gift me!
And this was on Test Realm.
They give you a ton of free crowns and then ask others to spend them? I had full crowns, and I admit, I gifted her. I feel a little guilty.

Aug 20, 2011
I know the feeling. Here's my story:

Beggar: Hey, I have over a million crowns from my birthday money!
Me: Nice, bro!
A few days later...
Beggar: Can you gift me?
Me: I have no crowns.
Beggar: Then buy more!
Me: A few days ago, you said you had a million cro- did you spend it all?
Beggar: Nah, I'm just saving money.
Me: Seriously?

Aug 29, 2011
That actually never happened to me. On the account settings thing, they have an option for gifting. It will choose if you can either gift or not. Even if you don't have that, you can just tell them you're not allowed to gift.

Dec 06, 2011
Since posting I've discovered that instead of replying, a quick open announcement like "Everyone -insert name here- only friends to beg for gifts" works well, followed by clicking ignore if necessary.

For me it's just something I consider rude. I wouldn't ask a stranger for a bite of their burger as they walk down the street, and it's the same principle here. Only on here the people who do it seem to think others are somehow obligated to gift them. I mean who raised these people?!

I gifted several of my friends with yuletide packs or similar a couple of days ago, because I consider them to be friends, who used to be strangers to me until we spent time playing here. And I got many messages back saying thanks, it meant something to them that they'd received an unexpected gift from a friend. I'm sure that's how KI intended the facility to be used. That's how I view the friend status, someone you've quested with, had fun with, got to know each other; whereas sadly many people see the friend buttons as a gateway to harass people for gifts.

So, to all my friends I gifted, you're very welcome.

May 12, 2009
Now, I do admit, on rare occasion, I do ask my friends if they can gift me. These are usually when I'm in times of need, though. Understand this: if they say "no" to me, I am very respectful and say "thank you" or something along the lines of that. No, I do not persist.
I was gifted by one of my mates the other day at his own free will. I must say that I am VERY grateful for such a kind act.
All I want to say though, is that if you do ask for one to gift, be respectful. Not annoying. (And, I also suggest to only ask friends, not strangers.)
Best of luck!

~Shannon Skybreaker

May 22, 2013
Mason Stormcaller on Nov 7, 2013 wrote:
I have to say this has got to be the most annoying thing about playing this game. All the time:

friend request > can you gift me a pack > refusal > obnoxious comment

happens to my daughter all the time too. The people who do this (the most recent for me was about 15 minutes ago, Hunter RavenBlade, who then unfriended and ran away like a coward) are among some of the most rude and ignorant people in existence.

I'm forty years old and I get some kid giving me attitude because I won't spend my real life money on some brat I don't even know. Did their parents never teach these scroungers any manners at all?

There should be a specific button for reporting this exact behaviour. A one day ban should be the immediate consequence of being caught begging. At the very least there should be a Hall of Shame so that players can avoid such people.

KingsIsle you really must do something about this problem. In some countries begging is illegal and this is the exact same behaviour online. Followed by insults to young children for not gifting.
This behaviour is ruining a good game; if my own sentiment is anything to go by, members will leave if it continues.

For information, I will remove anyone who asks me to gift them anything; my daughter will do the same. And anyone found hassling her will be reported every single time until they stop or get a permanent ban, whichever comes first. Just so you know.

I gift who I choose to gift, not some scrounging insolent inadequate who thinks it's ok to insult people for not giving them things they're too mean to pay for themselves.
You know what? This is true.

There should be a realm where only certain people could go on, the people that do behave properly and respect others. Wizard101 is a really good game, and I'm sure I wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone, too.
Here is what I do:

Random: Hi there! Need help?
Me: Yes, I need help defeating _____.
Random: Add me first please.
Me: ok.
( after you add )
Random: Can you gift me?
Me: I thought you were going to help me.
Random: I won't till you gift me.
Me: How many crowns do you have?
Random: around 60,000
Me: Then use your own crowns!
Remove, ignore, Change realms, go home.

If they don't have crowns:
random: zero.
Me: Then get your own crowns! I have no right to gift you!

Megan RainbowBlade 40

Dec 27, 2011
wizardrokz on Oct 31, 2013 wrote:
Everytime I get crowns this is what I get hounded with. How do they even know I got crowns? I mean stitching I could see, cause your gear looks noob but stats are same, but you get one little thing and your friends beg....Cause they never seem to ask when I got that item gifted from another friend...

I'm glad this was never a problem for me. My friends never ask for crowns, they even help me out. I sometimes help my lower level friends out, sadly I have only 17 crown left. If I did I would gift my most helpful friends of all.

Antonio Sandshade, Level 50 Grandmaster Pyromancer

Dec 27, 2011
Molly the Balance ... on Nov 23, 2013 wrote:
I've never been asked directly to "gift" them, on live realm. My most memorable quote:
I was in the commons when I get a friend request.
Stranger- Gift me!
And this was on Test Realm.
They give you a ton of free crowns and then ask others to spend them? I had full crowns, and I admit, I gifted her. I feel a little guilty.
I saw you on a bunch of other posts too. Too bad the test realm is just for testing.

Antonio Sandshade, Level 50 Grandmaster Pyromancer

Oct 27, 2013
i bought crowns like a couple weeks ago (or months i can't remember) and i bought 10 thousand for my birthday.
then my best friend wanted a leopard and 2 mega snack packs and i said maybe later

philip: i bought 120 000 crowns with the $150 i got for my 18th birthday!

me: nice, bro!

philip: can you gift me a pack though?

me: i only have 21 crowns! i thought you said you had 120 thousand crowns!

philip: just buy 2500 or 5000!

me: ok

philip: the reason i wanted to be gifted was so i can save! and so i can gift my other friends

me: ok so which pack do you want?????????????

philip: the mega snack pack or the minion pack

me: o i got crowns for my birthday as well!

philip: ok so can you?

me: ok

(i gift him)

philip: yay! thank you sooo much!

me: uh ... yw best friend!

or if he was a stranger:

i have 30 K

philip: ok

me: btw idk you

(change realms)

only gift your best friend for a list of ocassions:

-birth of a baby
-religous celebration
-wanna try new things out
or: if there moving tomorrow and they won't be on w101 (well they would but without friends). so you gift them
one final pack for that :(

NEVER: gift strangers. if you gift someone 3000+ kilometeres away then you won't know them, unless its you're best friend in the game

and cause you're sending 1-5% of you're spent money to the U.S.

kaitlyn lifeblossom level 49

sarah emeraldblossom level 18

if you wanna see me in the spiral i'm most likely to be on pixie realm at 10:00 - 1:00 at eastern time -5:00
most likely to be in dragonspyre (in the forum of dragonspyre)

Feb 24, 2013
Oh gosh, I hate it when people beg for gifts. every time I go to the commons I hear, "can someone gift me" or "can you gift me?" (or something else that is completely off topic, so I won't mention it) This is the reason I avoid the commons as much as possible. I don't ever gift people since none of my family members play, so every time someone asks me I think in my mind "Why would I spend real money on someone I don't know?"
I really wish people would stop asking

Gavin MythBreaker Transcendent

May 02, 2012
I don't do that, cause it is aggravating, selfish, etc. And I don't have to ask! My AWESOME friend Valkoor gifts me without me asking!

Brooke LionHeart
Level 47

Jan 12, 2012
I'm pretty harsh but hey I got 4 member accounts, I can't afford to take care of random strangers.

Stranger: Do you have crowns?
Me: Yes
Stranger: Can you gift me?
Me: Sorry, I can only gift people on my friends list
** Awkward silence while they find out my "Allow Friends Request" is set to "No" **

Meanwhile I put them on my ignore list and they follow me around (I assume talking to me, begging, what-have-you) until I go somewhere they can't ... hehe