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Old Quests and Virulence

Jun 26, 2014
I think there should be an option to remove old and unwanted quests.
I'm currently in the great world of Azteca! But one of the problems i'm having is that when i'm looking for a certain main or side quest in my quest book, i have to try to find it within eight to ten pages of old quests, ranging from Firecat Alley to Celestia. Maybe when your in the quest book, you could left click to remove it, accompanied by a pop up message asking if you're sure you want to remove it from your questbook. I've spoken to many people about it, and they feel the same way!

Secondly, I was so excited to get the Death Aura, Virulence! After seeing storm's version with lightning shooting all about, life's with the plentiful leaves whirling around the avatar, fire's with it's blazing five foot flames, I was so excited to see the mass of shadow that would engulf my character! But that didn't happen. Rather than getting an amazing spectacle of death, i got a transparent black version of a normal aura. PLEASE! PLEASE! update the look of Virulence! Make it thicker, and more shadowy! Make it something equally as cool as the others! Please! XD