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Old Malistaire dungeon + Current version one

Jul 28, 2014
I think when ever a wizard steps on the sigil you and your team should have the option to choose, Malisatire's old dungeon, 100,000 health + cheats. Nothing else changed just how it used to be back in 2009-2010, (correct me if i am wrong). (not able to solo it just how it was when it first came out)

Or you should be able to choose how the dungeon is today, Exactly how it is nothing changed 10,000 health + no cheats, And you can solo it still.

Or maybe you could add the old Malistaire with 100,000 health to the current dungeon as a secret boss (easy to access though)

I think this would be a great idea for someone who is looking for a challenge, or that is bored. And if you are just trying to do the quest all you got to do is click, Current version dungeon and it allow you to do the current version, (able to solo it + 10,000 health).

What do you guys think? , It would be awesome for an administrator to take this into consideration