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Nothing girly

Dec 23, 2013
I have bought several bundles in past few weeks and perhaps it's just me but does gears design seem more male orientated. I even went through the past bundle list on the wiki pages and there a lot of amore. Yes there is the Epic bundle but you could get a dress almost exactly like that in marleybone. I can't be the only girl playing this who wants a cute dress with good stats.

Sep 19, 2013
Mar 13, 2014
I am not actually female, but I did create a girl storm wizard and wanted to get her a girly outfit. I settled on the Rockin' Outfit (reward for completing crab alley), the Wimple of Wimsy (a level 45 Dragonspyre hat you can find on the bazaar) and Frozen Canine Shoes (level 25 shoes you can buy on the bazaar). I dyed them all pink and light blue, then stitched the appearances over my Waterworks clothes (Skyscream hat, cape and boots). Not a dress, this is more of a Jeans and T-shirt look, but no one mistakes her for a boy. I even have a Zafaria wand I stitched to look like a Nekbhet's Artic Wand, which to my mind looks a little like a cheerleader's baton.