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Not Enough Statue Drops

Jan 05, 2012
Hey, so right now I've just gotten a new house for my fire wiz (it's the Royal Estate!) and I've been trying to get a different statue for each school. You know, like Wraith for Death, Triton for Storm, Minotaur for Myth, etc. etc. (by the way, I started around late August). So first I went to get the Triton statue, it was fairly easy, I got it after maybe the 5th try. Then I went to try for the Unicorn Statue, but I'm STILL trying to get it! I must have defeated Lady Black-hope like 70 times! So now that it's around Halloween I took a break from the Unicorn Statue and tried for the Wraith one from Baron Mordeci (at least I think that's his name) anyhow, I've defeated HIM way to many time too. I'm seriously upset, sometimes I even talk to Lady Black-hope and the Baron guy when I'm fighting them, warning them (no joke) that they had better drop a statue like a total psycho. So you see, not enough statue drops are literally driving me insane. Please, please, please let them drop more often. Comment if you agree, I really hope I'm not the only one who is going perfectly mad because of this.

Thanks, Jasmine Silver-sword and Devin Sun-flame.

Aug 15, 2009
statue drops do happen. yet it seems as when you try the hardest that they are the hardest to get. Which seems to apply to anything in w101. So, go to mooshu at the statue of Moodha and meditate to clear your mind and wizard body. then with a clear and stress free outlook go to those places of statue drops and fight the bosses that drop what you want but dont think about what you want and let the statue drops come to you. and when you do get these drops type "praise moodha" like people say good boy or girl when their pet cast a heal spell and maybe your fortune will grow and you will become a moodha monk with houses filled with statues :)

Happy statue hunting