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No Treasure Cards in PVP

Dec 25, 2008
Is there any way we can get them to take out treasure cards in PVP. They ruin the point by allowing a bad player to use every schools spells with increased stats agaunsted somebody. I am tired of seeing treasure cards in PVP, yes allowed them to be used against NPCS, but take them out of player versus player combat.
If you want to go really far i say take crown gear out as well, i pay for an account but i refuse to pay for gear as it takes away from a game, so i say remove that all together. The PVP in this game is a joke with all the unfair advantages players get because they buy treasure cards with coins which anyone can do, or they pay for crown gear in real money, In most games they do not allow that to happen in PVP formats so why on this one.
The treasure cards need to be removed and if possible no crown gear as well in PVP. The PVP in this game has the chance to be really fun, but by allowing those it ruins it.

Jul 08, 2009
Maybe your rant wouldn't fall on such deaf ears if you planned a better strategy in PVP. Basically you are accusing people of using things that are available to them to better their chances of winning. Its not like their isn't a defense against them. So these people pay for better gear and attacks. Its not fair of you to fault them for it. You have a choice just like they do, if you aren't happy with the choices you make, eitlher do something about it or learn to live with it.

Before you jump all over me for not agreeing with you, I also have lost to these types of players but I have adjusted my strategy accordingly. I made a choice to better my understanding and adjust how I pvp. I looked at it as a challenge and chose to adapt to the new challenge. Its like life, things change and either you make the changes or you don't. Either way it always comes down to the choices you make.

Sorry I know this wasn't supporting your position and the position of others, but like it or not, this is part of the game. Remember pvp is also a choice.