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No Trade Attire

Sep 18, 2010
Recently I had planned to make a new wizard to replace one of my old 6 wizards. But before I even bothered to do that I wanted to make sure all of my valubles were placed in my Shared Bank. However upon beginning to transfer some of my Attire that I would want or need in the future I noticed that it had the "No Trade" tag upon it. This upsets me because this attire was hard to get and it had the elegant school patterns on them. I did however notice that the items in question were able to be sold at the Bazaar. Thus if I wanted this attire back I would either have to sell it at the Bazaar and hope that by some chance I get enough Gold in time before anyone buys it and buy it back, wait for someone else to sell one and then buy it, or I'd have to raid/farm for the item in question all over again. Which I find to be very annoying to have to do. So basically I'm suggesting the following... KingsIsle makes the Attire "No Auction" but allows us to trade it over between our wizards.

As well, I'd like to address my issue with the Shadow Forged Wands and the fact that they're "No Trade".
These all though rare are pretty useless. And most of the people I've talked too only want them for looks. I myself only want them for looks and in fact I was hoping to craft one and transfer it to my Legendary Myth wizard for looks. And then after I had crafted it I was going to transfer it over via the Shared Bank when I realized it was No Trade. This annoyed me a lot and I don't understand why they're No Trade. Especially since we had to work so hard to craft them. ((And before anyone says anything that some wizards might Trade them over so they can use the wands in PvP on one of their lower levels than their incorrect because the Wands have level restrictions.)) To conclude, I can't stitch any of these items so that I keep their appearance but give them different stats because the No Trade tag remains on the item. So basically all I ask of KingsIsle is to enable us to transfer items between our wizards. Does anyone else agree with me?

~ Sincerely, Umbra ShadowHunter. . . .

Nov 10, 2012
I do agree this is an excellent idea, but not everyone is going to replace their wizards, so it may not have much use.