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Mar 20, 2009
Ok, So i am always being asked to be sombodys mom int he game. It is really fun and all, but in order for them to have a bed, i need to buy them a futon or a mat. It looks so stupid when they just stand there. I think KI should let you interact with your housing items. Like being able to sleep on your bed, actually being able to keep your clothes in the closet, and being able to sit in chairs. It is really simple things, but it would make the game so much more enjoyable for me. :?

Please take a moment to re-read your post and remember this is a game rated E10. Players will NOT be laying on beds.

As for other ways to interact with furniture, this is an often suggested idea that we have on our list of things to consider for the future.

If you want the prize, you have to build the ladder rung by rung. There are no shortcuts.
Nov 07, 2009
i think it would be good if we could sleep in a bed to regain health faster. Just so you walk up to the bed, press 'x', then there could be an animation of getting into bed (fully clothed) the screen goes black for a second or so, then the image comes back and you have full health. Maybe not full, but just, say, 25% of your overall health could be restored. :D

Jan 01, 2010
LOL, Zeke!!! The beds probably would be a bad idea.

But maybe we can sit on the chairs or something. Speaking of which, we still need some more variety on the actual furniture items, e.g., chairs, sofas, tables, shelves, etc. Thanks.

Jan 27, 2009