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No Ice Spell?

Sep 21, 2009
Hello all.

On my level 32 Ice wizard, I was dissapointed once I finished Big Ben. I was expecting to gain a new spell. However, much to my dismay, there was none. I think Ice is the only school that doesn't get a card at the end of Marleybone. Ice is lacking as it is already. Isn't this a little unfair?

Idea: New spell for Ice.
I think a "shield all" spell would be nice.
Such as: 1 pip, Tower Shield (-40% to next attack) to all friends.
When: End of Marleybone

Just an idea :D

Jun 07, 2010
Did every school get a new spell card after Marleybone? I think Ice didn't because Ice is number one on hit points. Maybe KI assumes that it is not necessary for Ice to learn a new spell, well do to all the hit points.

But your idea of that new spell card is a good idea.

Feb 14, 2009
maybe a 20% but 40 is a bit over powered even for grands, or a steal ward from all opponents 4 pips

Aug 21, 2009
I kind of agree with this for the ice school. The reason I agree with this is that I have personally seen in game ice school people complaining and even saying they are crying cause they are ice school and people are rude to them and don't want to play with them because they are ice school.

If ice school had a card that put tower shields on everyone then everyone would likely stop being so mean to ice school players. I mean who is going to be mean to or try to not include players who can shield them? "What, your school can toss towers on everyone, cool... by all means play with us."

I think one pip is too low for this spell, two pips might be about right. For ice school I think it is a wonderful idea.