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Next world after Avalon: Polaris or Mirage

Jun 13, 2011
I just think that pirate101 will not meet wizard101 because it says in the game that it will be fight not magic fight.If the website (pirate101) said that those worlds will be there then it isn't magical OR they will do it in other sides.I don't think it is to help get know the characters because if so magic and no magic will collide and in pirate101 they will say that it doesn't.So IF in wizard101 there is Polaris then it will happen at other parts.
Example of reason:

"There? No,no,no! I am stationed here to defend here! It is dangerous.People with great power stay there! And they show no mercy to pirates like you"

May 30, 2011
I disagree at some point in the future wizard and pirate will meet because its been done in the past with other role playing games i could name a few of them but i don't think KI would like that.

if you combine both games what you have is a new innovation and people will be look for that because its new and never been done with newer technology. of course this wont happen until for 4 or 5 years down the road.

But like i also said we might not see polaris or mirage until 2013.

Feb 26, 2012
Joshweiser wrote:
But the only other school left is Star.

What about balance just regular balance not the spirit or elemental which where krok and zafaria?
~John Dragoncatcher Archmage Sorcerer~

Feb 26, 2012
20man wrote:
what about wierwood that farie girl in wysteria was from

Wierwood is an area in avalon... sorry if i spoiled anything for anyone
~John Dragoncatcher Archmage Sorcerer~

Oct 24, 2009
Polaris, Mirage, Empyrea, Valencia.
They all sound epic.
But to me, I think it'd be either Polaris or Empyrea. (My opinions.)
They may also stop at level 101, which I can finally take a deep breath from. (I'm having a hard time leveling up. XD)
Although I don't want Wizard101 to end, it should keep going, aside from Pirate101. (Are they connected?)

Well, let's all find out!

Abigail Fairyblossom - Level 78 Life (Dun Dara, Avalon.)
Abigail Fairyblossom - Level 50 Balance (The Crown of Fire, Dragonspyre.)
Sestiva - Level 43 Storm (The Tower Archives, Dragonspyre.)
Kristen - Level 31 Death (Katzenstein's Lab, Marleybone.)
Vanessa - Level 11 Fire (Royal Hall, Krokotopia.)

Mar 25, 2009
Well a lot of people say that it'll be Polaris or Mirage. I agree with those who think Polaris will be in Pirate101. I hope Mirage makes it in to Wizard101 because a large desert is what we need! I do think though that Mirage could be in P101 instead. Could be like the Sandbenders from Avatar if you know what I mean.

I also like Empyrea, which if it gets in , I hope for it to be a city-Kinda like Caer Lyon, but on a massive cloud. I'd hope for it to be somewhat Roman/Greek themed.

Other world themes I'd love to see are a Prehistoric world, a Mayan/Aztec themed world, and a Futuristic Space themed world.

Jun 28, 2012
I think Polaris and Mirage will appear deffinetely because it was mentioned that the coucil of light has allies in those worlds.So i think we will be sent to seek those allies out in those worlds.As for a third new world,i have no idea.It could be anything.Though Empyrea does seem possible.Now as for the proppecy.

''The mirror will break...'' This refers to mirror lake in Zafaria.
''...the horn will call...'' This refers to the horned crown in Avalon.
''...From the shadows i strike and the skies will fall.'' I don't think Morganthe is refering to the skies of Empyrea.She mentioned that her goal is to recreate the Spiral.So this means that the skies of all the worlds of the Spiral will fall(in other words all the worlds will be destroyed) and everything will be recreated the was Morganthe wants to.

Richard Lionheart Level 72 Transcendent Diviner

Apr 03, 2009
Yeahh I think KI is going to be adding a couple more worldd your all right they mention polaris and Mirage but even when the level cap rises they may still have tons to add such as dungeons better then waterworks so you can get good gear.. the level cap will probally be 101..So just keep your hopes up and wait for the moment to begin no lifing xD

-Matthew DeathShard lvl 80 Necromancer

May 08, 2012
hi kingsisle i wanted to tell you guys to update the death wizards spells cause storm an fire are overpowered you no the 200%feint jabberwock puts on himself pls make death wizards get that type of feint but make it a x ranked spell for us pls cause its kinder unfair that storm an fire has a x ranked blade an traps so why not death wizards get one so pls can you guys deal with my issuse pls help out the death wizards out there cause we get some weak spells an its hard for us to even get the waterworks gear while you at it can you guys bring out lvl 80 gear with damage an resistance cause its hard to get good clothes with it cause crafting aint easy to do cause reagents is hard to get an fine so pls help us out on this :)

Dec 12, 2011
"The Mirror will break, the Horn will call, from the Shadows I strike, and the Sky will fall"
I wonder what the proficy means.
Mirror: In Zafaria Mirror Lake broke down

Horn: Avalon is a kingdom themed world so they use horns, a horn must have called somewhere is avalon.

Shadows: The next world she will probably destroy someone by suprise.

Sky: Morganthe will probably try and destroy the Spiral by making Space fall.

That's what I think.

- Jason Ravenvault

Feb 26, 2012
I think a anti-wizardcity worl is next because in the prophecy, is says "from the shadows i strike", so it would make sense it would be an anti world that is in the shadows. the last line though, well, i think it will be a sky world like empyria or whatever it's called and the skies will fall there, and the last battle of morganthe.

The mirror will break. Mirror Lake, Zafaria
The horn will call. Horned Crown, Avalon
From the shadows i strike. Anti world
And the skies will fall! Emperyia or whatever it called

May 02, 2011
wizardmaster369 wrote:
Savvanah Reddreamer, Level 22 Life Wizard

I think it should be like tropical maybe like a bit beachside. As if it was like the island get away house in the crown shop. If you really like my idea i would love it to be used for the next world!

Savvanah Reddreamer

Oct 11, 2009
Polaris will most likely be a world for Pirate101. The worlds (and storylines) on Pirate101 are based on the major world powers that had colonies in North America during the colonial period. Monquista=Spain, Valencia=Italy, Marleybone (even though it actually isn't in the game, it plays an important role)=England.

Many clues (Gandry has a French accent, but is described to have a "Polarian" accent; the leader of Polaris is Emperor Napoleguin Bonepart; the name "PolARIS" is similar to "Paris") are given that Polaris is a take of France (which was a major world power during colonial times).

The odds of Polaris being in Wizard101 are very unlikely.

Mar 06, 2011
The Prophecy is:
The Mirror Will Break,
The Horn Will Call,
From The Shadows I Strike,
And The Skies Will Fall.

Mirror: Mirror Lake, Zafaria
Horn: Horned Crown, Avalon
Shadows: ??????, Darkmoor
Skies: ???????, Skies of Empyria or what ever it is :P

Apr 12, 2009
Im pretty sure that polaris will become the next world to the ravens "everwinter" storyline. :)

Oct 09, 2010
Jun 14, 2009
You do Wysteria before Zafaria for Mirage or whatever will come out first. lol

Jan 21, 2011
FreeParrot on Jun 14, 2012 wrote:
A world called Valencia was also mentioned in Zafaria by that dead Zebra King so maybe that is also an upcoming world too besides Mirage and Polaris. I hope it does become a new world soon because it sounds like a really cool world! :D
Actually Valencia is related to Pirate101,so it may be a world in that game.

Jun 20, 2012
Do you know that polaris is in pirate101 and so is marleybone you guys are funny but polaris is probbly mre likely to come out than mirage.

Nov 19, 2009
Tamato5 on Jun 17, 2012 wrote:
Hello once again fans and other people, its me Tamato5. Ok, ok, I know this is a really big thing, but as most of us know Polaris is the ,North Star I believe? Maybe Polaris isnt a wolrd so to speak, I would think that Polaris would be a direction to the new world. Most of you should know that people long ago sometimes used stars as maps and charted them. Maybe, just maybe, that Polaris will show the way to the true new world (Mirage, etc) But if Polaris was a world, I think it would be fire, cause after all, Polaris is a star :D. This is my idea on what Polaris really is. See you and my fellow friends in the spiral.

TristanDarkBlade Archmage Ice
Yep, it is a north star, but it could probably be a mixed schools world, cause it is just a star after all!

Nov 19, 2009
dalt64 on Jul 27, 2012 wrote:
How can the next world be Polaris they are going to put it in pirate101 and what fun would that be, having the same world in 2 different games?
Yep, how fun would it be since Mooshu is already in both games. Krok and gh are too so what difference does it make?

Dec 01, 2011
Blake Anvilcrafter on May 31, 2012 wrote:
ok i think the new world should be a anti wizard city called necros city, in the world it is mimicked as wizard city except everything is all dark and scary because of morganthe and malistaire again. Our goal is to try to defeat morganthe and malistaire too protect wizard city from turning pure evil. In necros city you fight anti people such as evil dueling diego xD, evil prospector zeke xD and even an evil Ambrose! It would be cool if you also had to fight anti ravenwood teachers too in what is supposed to be the school towers. At the end you have to go restore wizard city by returning to the same castle(except anti) you began in, and fight malistaire who is side by side with morganthe!

Ill pay alot of money for that xD WHOS WITH MEEE!!!!!????
I like the idea
But am I the only one who saw that at the Hedge Maze at unicorn way where Lady Oriel is there is a Dueling Circle mark. Maybe THATS where we'll fight Morganthe or ''evil Ambrose''

Mar 20, 2010
I really want Mirage, but I don't know! But now it would be the Next World After Azteca, because the next world after Avalon is already defined.

May 22, 2011
wizardmaster369 on Apr 25, 2012 wrote:
I think the next world after Avalon will be either Polaris or Mirage. Both of these worlds have been mentioned in the game before. Polaris was mentioned in Zafaria, and Mirage was mentioned in Wysteria. Polaris is most likely going to be the next world after Avalon, and it will raise the level cap to 90. If Mirage comes out after it, it will be the last world in the Morganthe story arc. It will probably raise the level cap to 100 or 101. I think Polaris will either be an ice or astral themed world, just based on the name. I hope when Polaris comes out, they will at the rank 10 spell at level 78 and the rank 11 spell at level 88. I thought Avalon would have the rank 10 spell when it came out, but instead we got four other spells. If anyone has any ideas for Polaris, Mirage, or rank 10 or 11 spells, post them here.

Devin Dragonflame, Level 70 Fire Wizard
neither, it's Azteca.