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Next set of spells! (Utility)

Aug 09, 2012
Here are my ideas for the next set of spells for the next world, similar to how in avalon at level 72 and 75 I believe..? We got spells? Here are my ideas for 102, and 105. (Utility spells)

Level 102 Spells: (Note: All names of all spells, do need revision, and are not final, suggest me some cool names for them! And any changes..?"

Fire: "Healing Ember" - Removes one round from any damage over time spell on enemy, and heals 300 to self only, over 3 rounds. (5 Pips) (can only be used once per DoT Spell)

Ice: "Iced Shell" - This move traps the ice wizard in a large ice crystal, like the ones in Katabatic wind..? But big enough to hold the wizard, and clothes they may be wearing, the ice wizard, now has an absorb for 500 damage. Once it is broken, anybody who breaks it, gets a DoT Spell for 300 ice damage, and the ice crystal has a beautiful shattering animation and shards fly out, and the wizard directs them to the one who broke the shield. (5 Pips.)

Storm: "Electric Charge switch" - This one is another with a nice animation, The storm wizard gets lightning running across them, as does the target, all of the target's blades are destroyed. For every blade destroyed, one shield on the enemy is broken. (5 Pips)

Life: "Living Imprisonment" - This one, the life wizard, roots grow up around the enemy, all around them, they start small, and a DoT thing is put on the other wizard. Every round, the target is dealt 100 life damage, (This lasts 3 rounds) and on each of the 3 rounds the roots grow up, and everytime they grow, the target gets an infection, and a 10% weakness on the second and final round.

Death: "Coffin of the Necropolis" - Bone hands, grow up and grab the target's legs, a DoT is placed on them. for 3 rounds, every round, the hands send a charge of dark magic into the target, which puts a 5% weakness, on the first round, and second round.. on the 3rd round.. they are beguiled, and infectioned.

Myth: "Legendary Chains" - Yellow chains, glowing gold, chain up the enemy wizard's lower body, a DoT is placed on them, on the first round they are stunned, the second they are given a 5% weakness, on the third, the chains spin around the wizard, hitting where shields would be, as they unravel, the wizard loses 5 shields.

Life, death and myth cost 5 pips each.

Balance: Tipping of the scales - For every pip the enemy has, the enemy gains a 2% Weakness, and for every pip the enemy has, the balance wizard, gains a Blade, like supercharge, +2% for every pip. The max that can be done on both sides, is 28% Sharpened blade will not work on this, it takes 4 pips to cast.

No enchantments, can be casted on ANY of these spells.

Here, are some shadow enchantments.. for level 105:

1) Shadow Infusion: +15% pierce on this one spell only, and +100 damage, +10 Backlash.

2) Shadow Conversion - Convert all damage, to shadow damage. and gain a 25% damage boost, on this spell only.

3) Shadow Emersion: Adds +30 Backlash to target after spell is used.