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Newbie first thoughts suggestions etc

Aug 13, 2011
Greetings everyone! First a brief background. I stumbled upon w101 about a month ago and have loved playing, mostly solo, since. I like the game play and the round based combat. I like how you have time to plan out your next move(s) and it's not just a game of quick reflexes and hack and slash with the most uber weapons one can find. It's also nice that it appears there is not one set "build" that you must have to compete or be taken seriously.

After mostly soloing my way through thus far I'm to the point where not only do I need some group help to get through some quests but I'm also starting to miss communicating with others. I've enjoyed playing with others the few times I've had the chance. Although most of the time I feel like I'm playing in a world of mutes.

At first I thought maybe the game was designed for soloing but I'm finding that is not the case. So that leaves me wondering how people group in a game that so severely limits communications between players? In other games I've played I was able to find a group by joining a clan/guild etc. I don't see any such grouping capabilities in w101. Currently I just have to hope I can find someone that is running the same quest as me and join them or wait at a quest entrance until someone comes along, which isn't much fun. Are there any unofficial clans/guilds/groups that are out there?

It would be nice to have a grouping method to recruit players to join you in a specific quest. Also, a more comprehensive in-game quest list would be nice. This way I could see what quests are available to me and appropriate for my lvl and which ones I've completed. As it seems currently, you only know what you're up against once you get into it. I'd much rather know if a quest will be easy or if I should wait or try and group with others to complete it. As of right now I have several quests I have started but have had to put off completing while moving on to easier quests that I either overlooked or missed. I'm finding that I miss a lot of smaller "side" quests while also having a lot of quests I have yet to complete. This also breaks up the story lines which makes things "jumbled".

All in all in though I love this game and hope that I can work around these few "issues". My hope is that I'm missing or overlooking something or that I can come up with my own solution.

One last thought. In other games I often played with a dedicated group. We met with the same characters on set days and played through all of the game as a set group. I'm wondering if anyone is aware of this type of grouping in w101 happening today or if there would be any interest in getting a group like this together?

Apr 12, 2011
its called getting friends they will help about as good as a group there are unofficial clans in w101 find also in like marleybone below there is a lot of kids who don't have text chat so it is hard to get friends there my advise
hang around the commons try to get friends with people around your lvl soloing
this game is impossible wait until you see helephant tower or waterworks
also those people on th same quest as you try to add them as friends if you have txt chat and they do because of a lack in communication if they don't
they can't read your txt chat and if you don't have txt chat you can't read it
or if you don't have open chat. so to sum it all up
get lots of friends and have open chat not text chat not menu chat but open chat

Mar 18, 2009
There are only a few ways to get groups up and running in this game. First, as you make friends you can send them private messages to set up dungeon runs. Second, you can post in the worlds area in these forums or on Wizard101 Central (which posts faster) to set up date/time. Finally, you can stand outside of the dungeon and wait for others to come along and go with them or ask in whatever current zone your in.

Some of us have asked for a dungeon finder ability that works like the PvP queue. Instead of matching wizards together for dueling each other, it groups them together across the servers for the same quest. Only time will tell if something like that is ever added.

Apr 12, 2011
the dungeon finder idea is good but it would require a major update
well i mean people would like it but i don't thats what friends are for
the odds are if you change realms you'll find one or two people who are waiting
for someone to come with the same quest

also for the original topic if your that desprate post on message boards
someone will see it. . . eventually . . .maybe

May 03, 2011
Interesting post--one rarely hears from really new players on the forum. Especially new players who have played other games and are coming to this one with a basis for comparison. I have been playing since May--about four months or so--and I have to say I agree that there should be an easier way to find help with dungeons and harder quests. I have been waiting to do the Trial of the Spheres (last dungeon in Celestia, the current endgame) for several weeks because it's impossible to do alone, or even with henchmen (AI's purchased from the Crown Shop)--you need real people. And KI has, with the introduction of Wysteria, indicated that "cheating" bosses are probably here to stay. You need real, thinking people to defeat these guys--not henchmen or minions. Human help. And if you play in the later evening, or are an adult without a big social network in game, you are out of luck. So I agree wholeheartedly. There should be a formal mechanism to enable people to group together for harder quests and dungeons. My son plays a lot of other games, and clans or guilds are common. This is a terrific game, but could be improved in this one respect, for sure. Perhaps KI will hear our plea on this...thanks for bringing it up.


Aug 13, 2011
Thanks everyone for you replies. I have posted on the w101 central MB without success. I did find the unofficial clans as well and will be looking into joining one of them to start building a network of people to help me out as things get tougher.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009

I have been waiting to do the Trial of the Spheres (last dungeon in Celestia, the current endgame) for several weeks because it's impossible to do alone, or even with henchmen (AI's purchased from the Crown Shop)--you need real people. And KI has, with the introduction of Wysteria, indicated that "cheating" bosses are probably here to stay. You need real, thinking people to defeat these guys--not henchmen or minions. Human help.

Of course, the standard answer is that this is supposed to be a social game, and therefore we should be doing these dungeons in groups.

Yet, it is well-known that many players prefer to solo, or are playing at times when forming a group is very difficult.

What I would love to see is a second tier of enhanced henchmen. For a high crowns premium, we should be able to buy a henchman that we can control. The effect on game outcome is not much different than a person with two accounts running two wizards simultaneously through a dungeon. There would still be the bargain-priced 'independent' henchmen costing tens of crowns, and then maybe at 10x the price, you get enhanced henchmen. Instead of 60 for a Legendary, it will be 600. (Or even higher, if KI thinks people will pay.)

KI could even restrict access to these enhanced henchmen to high level wizards who are in cheating dungeons. So, for example, to be able to buy these henchmen, a wizard must be level 50 or higher, and be inside instances such as Trial of the Spheres, Nastrond, Waterworks, or Tower of the Helephant.

I first started playing back in the early days when there were no henchmen. It's awesome that we now have them as options for helping us out. However, for the most wicked and intense dungeons, having access to a true "hired hand" that will do what we want it to do (instead of fighting blindly) would be of great help.

May 13, 2011
if you stumble into me and make friends, i would gladly help with whatever you need help on. the names are quinn ironsword, valerian liongem, duncan anvilpants, dustin frogpants, david silvercloud and luis nightwalker (or was it lightwalker?) if you ever meet those guys, make sure to befriend my legend. (quinn)