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New Wysterian Magic Available to Players?

Aug 12, 2009
We all clapped and cheered at the thought of learning new Astral spells in Celestia, and we rushed to Khrysalis to see the new Shadow magic. Now a new path of spells should be introduced in the spiral: Wysterian magic, specifically Chaos magic, should be the next wave of spells to entertain the wizards of the spiral!

Chaos should be made available to students just like the other 7 basic schools, and would fit right in as the direct opposite to Balance. Chaos is the study of removing order from magic, as Balance is to restore it. That idea makes this smoke-and-mirrors school just as opposite to Balance as Life and Death or Fire and Ice. Chaos spells would excel at bending the rules of battle in insane ways, such as disrupting the order of the battle sigil, messing with the caster or opponent's hand size, and even being bold enough to allow Illusionists to even damage their teammates in order to benefit themselves or hurt their opponents more!

The study of the unequal and dissymmetrical isn't the only school of magic to become accessible to students in the future. Frost magic, the more flighty side of stubborn Ice, can add a few spells to the bundle while Flame magic can become a softer and more healing-oriented side of Fire magic. Earth magic can be invented to be more like Ice to Theurgists, giving them stronger defensive capability than as is. These schools may not be as good as Chaos to be their own idea, but would be a substantial help to existing schools of magic.

Wysterian spells would make a positive uproar in the Spiral, and would give the world of Wysteria much more hype and attraction than what it already has. Lets face it; after the Tower of the Helephant is done, there is no reason to go back to Wysteria. however, with the various schools able to teach actual spells to the wizards, and a main wizard school in Wysteria, the world would be given new life and hype, not to mention the many paying customers that would want to access the world for the latest spells.

The many new magics that Wysteria can offer can be phenomenal, and would benefit both the game as well as the happiness and enjoyment of its wizards, especially with the addition of Chaos magic as a main spiral school. Its past time to explore what magic Wysterian spells can really offer to wizard101!