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New World: Sillica!!!

Apr 04, 2012
One of the next worlds KI could make could be like a dirty, dingy, steampunkish miner's village, where all the buildings would be lopsided and have sort of a clockworks/wild west feel. All the inhabitants there would also be searching for this special currency called shadow gems! Shadow gems would be like training points, but they could only be used for shadow magic! So they'd be UBER-rare and super cool!
Anyway, all the houses in the world would be really lopsided and crooked, and the place would be crowded with mining factories! So the air would be really smoky and dirty cause of all 'dem miners! It would also be the world that Prospector Zeke is from! The streets in the town would be overrun with miners looking to "strike it rich" in the mines with shadow gems!
There could also be evil miners associating with the new bad guy in the arc (i'm gonna assume its Old Cob :D) who are trying to use the shadow gem's power for evil! So, as the wizards, you have to venture deep into the mines and stop the evil prospectors and Old Cob from stealing the gems! There could also be Cave bandits and Golems deep within the mines.
When I first thought of this world, I imagined it as a mixture of the twilight zone from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and the Wario's Gold Mine track from Mario Kart Wii, if that helps you picture it.

The name of this world: SILLICA!!!

What do ya think peoples?

Aaron WillowSong
Lvl 49

Jul 09, 2010
I love the idea, but (just a recomedation, not to be mean) i think there should me more to the plot arc

Apr 04, 2012
Agreed. It could be a side world though...

Aaron WillowSong
Lvl 50