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New World, Mindopolis

May 22, 2009
So I thought of a new world. Mindopolis. A world where a old boss returns and friends are forced to turn away. What I mean is this world is controlled from the one and only mastermind Meowiarti! Who has built some mind controlling devices. Here are some places and dungeons for it.

The Control room: A dungeon protected by the Control Guard which is basicly the room in which the mind control deveices are held.
The Station: The train station that takes you to each place, but beware only wizards can enter or any other people will be controled by Meowiarti.
The Court of the Mind: A town with a mysterious device in the middle of the court.
I can't think of anymore places but here are some enemies.
Confused Wizard: A wizard being controlled but he walks like he has no control what so ever.
Weakened victim: Someone who is being controlled but is trying to break through with popping vanes and blood shot eyes.
Drained Spirit: A ghost man who is not evil but blames the wizards for not coming to his rescue before he was killed.
Now I have some other ideas like some bosses could be controlled by the device but when defeated they would thank you for saving them. The opening sequence could be that you tell Ambrose you found the spiral key and he tells you to go straight to Sherlock Bones, and you do then he says to meet him right in the control resisting room (The Spiral Chamber) and then your journey begins. Tell me what you think and some other ideas for it! Oh and by the way this world could be about as hard as Marleybone but a little more hard.

Ok I thought about it more and does anyone have a new name for it....I don't like the name that much anymore.