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New World: Kanru

Sep 04, 2009
Okay since I last posted about Kanru. I've made a few improvements to make it an original world. This includes better plot, new area's, and better storyline.

Plot: Kanru used to be a wild place. There were always wars over land. The biggest clash was between the Kangaroos and the koalas. They both share heir land together in the city of Kotowa. But the koalas wanted the land all to them selves and went into battle. Now the kanagroos need new land and using the power of the black diamond for help they build what is now their Courtney. Morganth now wants to take the Black Diamond and use its power. She re awakens the tribes and now history is repeating. Can you help Courtney from falling?

Kanru is a tourist world with a very blue sky and lots to see. but with the problems going on now? The citizens are in danger!

Courtney (The commons and the main city of Kanru)
Trading Post (The old abandon trading post of which the thorny devils have taken over. This was used for trade when the tribes lived.)
The Outbacks (The large open land with lots of waterfalls and rocks. Their is a battle going between the dingo's and the wombats for land.)
Kanru Desert (The large hot desert. You well find a mysterious group of salamanders worship a sun god.)
Kotowa (The old city of the koalas. You well find they want revenge againt he kangaroos and they worship a moon god?
Temple of The Kangaroo (The old temple of which the dead King Kanru thrives.) This is where the black diamond was sealed off.)
The Battle House (A tourist area in Courtney where you can watch battles.)

Mar 27, 2010