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New World Idea:Kristeriaxe

Mar 29, 2009
Kristareiaxe is a world were all the elements of magic was once divided into 3 areas, each their own district. Wisteria and Kristeriaxe were once united, but 3 wizards who had learned the art of Chaos, Spirit, and Earth had brung it back to Kristeriaxe. Soon the wizards used it to make their OWN magic. Each by the same name, but with new spells. They began to build an acadamey, where they would teach the schools.
When they were finished, their word was spread around the Spiral. Soon, it got to Pigswick academy. Pigswick STRIVED to learn the new art, so they hired a wizard to go, and collect all the information they could. So he did. He was spotted and jailed. Soon, the people from Kristeriaxe were invaded by the Lunarie, a group of Wolves, coming from Grizzleheim. Every world after the magic broke Kristeriaxe into a reign of terror. The three wizards with all the magic were sent off somewhere in the spiral. Now, as chaos begins to split Kristeriaxe something happens...

Gyrus rises.

The raging energy of all magic allowed Gyrus to arise from the Meadow of Dispare. If it wasn't bad enough, Gyrus rose an army of many people. Now, the only person to fight off him is...



Okay, if you liked my little preview, I will tell you the Quest, what it looks
like, and what Gyrus looks like. Also, what creatures live there. And the commons area.

Gyrus is a demonic-wizard-ish guy, with bat wings, red eyes, a hood shading
his face, and much, much more. Purple robe and black belt. Demonic-ish
The quest:

Name:Investigation of Gyrus

Merle Ambrose calls you to the office. When you get there, he says....
"Young wizard! Trouble has rised in the spiral once more! Gyrus is rising!"
"Please, travel to Kristeriaxe, and investigate, find Sir Morraine, and talk to him! He knows much about Gyrus!"

You travel to the portal and enter Gyrus, Sir Morraine can be a tiger. :3

Enemies:Tigers, Bears, Bats, SOMETIMES Wizards, Bat-Men... Etc.

Design:Like the spiral mixed with a repaired Dragonspyre. But lighter colors, and grass. And blue/green fire.

Support or no support?