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New World Idea: Wizardtopia

Mar 06, 2009
I have been thinking that there should be a world that wraps everything up.
This world will be going back in time, when all the worlds were just begining to have monsters attack. This world/storyline is called 'Wizardtopia'.
Here is an idea of the storyline:
Sylvia Drake is out sick with a cold, so Moolinda Wu is subing for her. After Sylvia dies Malistaire unleashes a death wrath. This wrath is a Death Dragon! it attacks Wizard City and makes all the students afraid. (The storyline is to do quests from each professor that advencually leads up to destroying this Death Dragon. The last person that gives the series of quests is Moolinda Wu. Since Moolinda Wu was Sylvia's close friend, Sylvia taught her everything she knows. Moolinda comes up with an idea of making a life card in place of a death card. Moolinda makes a Life Dragon that attacks and converts half of tthe damage into health. But that idea soon fails. She is runing out of ideas so she must turn to you.) You then must talk to Merle Ambrose and he gives you the quest to enter the death tower. (Which is a series of floors leading up to the Death Dragon). You enter the battle with your friends and must defeat this awful monster! When you defeat this dragon Malistaire tears the death schol and death tower underground. You then must do a dungeon that is actually like a dungeon. You fight skeletans and more death creatures. You end the dungeon fighting a Wraith named 'Malistaire's Henchman'. After that dungeon, you have finish Wizardtopia!