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New world idea Jungalia.

May 28, 2009
A world where there are vines every where. Its in a forest setting. Morganthe has fled there to gather up more minions. She cant find any so she uses her newfound power to control the locals minds (the locals are bears omls skunks beavers buffoloes rabbits foxes racoon chipmunks squirrels eagles porcupines mooses and mountain goats.). They start to terrorize the locals who havent been brainwashed. There leader (Merles brother) sends an ergent message to ravenwood school. Merle asks you to fight along with his brother to beat Morganthe once and for all. You go to all of the teachers and they each give you parts of a key to open a magic box in ambroses office. He gives you the box and inside it shows the map to Jungalia. Then the journey starts.