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New world idea!

Dec 10, 2013
I have been thinking and I have come up with a world . well this world is like in the future merle tell us to go look for something and see what things will look like. and then when we go look in a class room they are teaching a lesson about how the good wizards defeated the evil merle ambrose . and then you relise something is wrong and then you go talk to the head master ........ I dunno maybe sir tekto his full name fentice teko the evil but no one knows that . he says you did a good job locking merle up back then then he laughs hahaha! and then that's when the wizard quests start and then you relize there are new profersers as well and they replaces the ravenwood trees with normal plain ones . then out of the blues you get pulled in by some stranger you relize it is gamma werring a hood and hiding she says wizard we are in great need of your help a great evil has risen and turned every thing around people now think the old proffersers were bad and the trees I set you a quest ( the quest of the final hope) you quest is to find out who set this thing and who is the bad guys stirring things up and then you have to treval throw time and fix things understood wizard plz remember we are all counting on you!

world 1 traveling back throw time and space:krokotopiana the name got changed a little

lots of bosses set byt the evil one at the end you find out what is realy going on. you fix all the problems in the world

world 2 traveling back throw time and space : marley boen but this time only cats no dogs you fix all the prblems in the world

the head master pays you a visit and you chase him down to the end of marley bone senting you traps and battles where he ascapes and leaves new life proffeser ( shuana hoptas) to deal with you

world 3 traveling back throw time moosha when you go to go to the emperor you see a dull place the muddha statue brocken the restore the peace you have to go throw every place to put the moodha back together and then head master takes the emperor with him

all the other worlds are fine up to avalonia

so avalonia

queen gwen so is king atis captue#red by the head master and token away as you chance them throw Avalon they disserpair


you go throw the places and nothing seems to be wrong but then you relaze all the ruller have been token away and you look every he leave new the death and fire proffesers to deal with you .

endozonia new world

final place uncludes trentopa place luranu city mascostitia pass and finally endoz palace in trentopa place you battle new myth profferser in the final dungeon of that palce then in laranu you battle a new person calle devilo king amd go throw his family and defeat them all then in mascotita you battle the balance profferor with the killer centipede currently main advice to the head master then finally in endoz palace you face the head master and the storm wiz and some others then after you return to wizard city relase all the other prothers and merle and fix the trees.