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New world idea

Oct 08, 2009
I have an idea of a new world. it is called Angelata. it is a cloudy land with angel enemies and friends. the enemies are corrupted by an evil guy mamed Devalyil who is a corrupted angel that looks like a devil. actually most of the enemies are corrupted but some are just bad. the corrupted ones look like torn up angels. There is a new school called light which uses angels and soilders that are GOOD GUYS, it is a combo of balance and life. another school is called corrupt which is a combo of death and storm. then another one called clash which is a combo of corrupt and light which is what the corrupted angels are. the level cap increase is to 70 which is destructive *school* then the new legendary spell for the schools are

Ice: Everest 900-960 and stun to all enemies
Fire: Volcano 1000+300 to all enemies
Storm: Death Shock 1700-1800 remove all shields
Death: God of Death 1200 and heal half
Life: Forest keeper heal 1000 and absorb 500
Myth: Pegasus 1030-1050 to all enemies
Balance: Gavel of Court 1800 damage

Nov 13, 2010
wow i like it nice job and lots of creativity nice. the only thing that i dont think makes sense is that the balance one does the same as storm and storm is supposed to have the strongest attacks. other than that nice job.