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New world Helvethica

Aug 12, 2010
Well basically i am tired of ruined worlds such as celestia and dragonspyre i think this new world is like wizard city in a way...

It is like wizard city with the school and all but this time we have astral classrooms

Ambrose sends you there to get the three astral keys to the celestia archives which were locked by the celestians

The headmaster there is younger and gives you quests

also there are shops like wizard city but mostly every area has statues by it

Also new morgantine soldiers Shadow web Colonel Shadow web Officer and Shadow Rage Reavers

This is like wizard city but a huge invasion is landed on it also there are astral trees thier names are Spinian the sun tree Marcos the moon tree arcmer the star tree

here there are also kroks here and gobblers this is thier homeland by the way but the gobblers were attacked by shadowe web shamans and witches

The final bosses are
Marco shadow web warlord

Karrawokie the leader of shadow weavers

The head of the morgantine invasion and controller of the area

There are 11 streets in total if yiu are crown player each double area will be 1720 crowns

thanks for listening and pls rate and comment :) :-) :D