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New World: Converse world

Aug 11, 2009
I had an idea for a new world that should be added into the game! Before i start with what this world is about i should start with on how to get to it!

-Must complete all the worlds (this includes grizzleheim, also you do not have to beat the side quests on the other worlds either.)

-it is recommended that you are at least a level 40 for the monsters and bosses wil be very very difficult.

anyways how to get there, once you have completed your final main quest talk to merle ambrose, and he will say that he discovered a new world, and he will tell you to talk to dwogyrn about it. After you talk to him talk to merle ambrose and he will send you to the new world!

Once you are in there you will you will find dwogyrn (he will be right in front of you after taking a few steps) and he will give you a quest.
Before i go onto the quest you might be wondering what the place looks like? It looks Almost the exact same as wizard city only more a little dark and creepier the door comes out of a tree (same as the tree you go in wizard city only this one has no leafs.) You can not enter the classrooms yet. and you can not enter merle ambroses office yet. the streets are filled with monsters (level 8s). This whole world IS THE OPPOSITE OF WIZARD CITY

-The first quest will be to discover what is in dwogyrns classrom. When you go in, it is sunny! when you go in his classroom, you will find Drake Malistaire! BUT he will not fight you, THIS IS THE OPPOSITE WORLD, so he is actually a good guy! He will help you through out your quests. after talking to him, talk to dwogyrn and he will give you 150 coins. Unfortunantly you do not gain any experience points in this world but you do gain coins and items!

after doing some quests, you will eventually go into the classrooms Those are bosses! once you defeat them all, ambrose merle is left (name is backwards due to the world)

all the Monsters in converse

crazed Kraken rank 9 elite (myth)
hitpoints: 1300

humongusfrog rank 9 elite (thunder)
hitpoints: 1300

Reaper rank 9 elite (life)
hitpoints: 1400

zeraph rank 9 elite (death)
hitpoints: 1350

ice dragon rank 9 elite (ice)
hitpoints: 1250

fire giant rank 9 elite (fire)
hitpoints: 1400

scorpion rank 9 elite (balance)
hitpoints: 1300


Falmea Dalla rank 10 boss (ice)
hitpoints: 8000
(remember she is now an ice type since she is an opposite)

Greyrose Lydia rank 10 boss (fire)
hitpoints: 8000

Drake Cyrus rank 10 boss (thunder)
hitpoints: 8000

Wu Moolinda rank 10 boss (death)
hitpoints: 8000

Balestorm Halston rank 10 boss (myth)
hitpoints: 8000

you rank ??? boss (what ever class you are in)
hitpoints: same as yours (this boss has your exact deck hit points and clothes! everything you have is him!)

Last quest: The showdown.
-reward 500 coins, level fifty wand (gives you wand depending on your class)
in this quest, you must fight Ambrose Merle, drake malistaire will give you the key from all the bosses you faced into one big key use it on his door and you will go through a BIG dungeon (no worries no bosses just a big maze) once you get to him, ALL of the teachers and merle ambrose of the REAL non opposite world will come and try to stop ambrose merle from making the most dangerous monster ever! He will dissapear and you (and your friends will dissapear). you will end up in the arena (like pvp), and the background shws stars, since you are in the galaxy.

Boss: Ambrose Merle rank 10 boss (balance)
hitpoints: 25000

Boss: Gamma rank 10 boss (balance)
hitpoints: 10000

once you beat him, you better hope you have potions! for you are facing the hardest boss ever!!

You will still stay in space for when ambrose is defeated he will talk for a little and his creation appears when he shouts its name. a big explosion will appear and he will be standing there.

Prince Balem: Rank 10 boss elite (???) (he has every move in the game!)
hit points: 50000
his own moves hits 200 each pip

he is a very big red demon, holding one giant red sword, he can summon death spirits at the cost of 6 pips

Assist: death spirit rank 8 (death)
hitpoints: 1000

if you defeat him you will get a badge (conversed world savior)

once you beat that quest you have pretty much beat every world in the game. tell me what you think? since a lot of people are done with grizzlheim and malistaire is way to easy. and people want a new challenge!

Apr 28, 2009
that is a pretty cool idea and i have an idea for a whole new world too :D
my idea is a world based on greek myths and there is a school for every class like wizard city and dragonspyre and for each class they get 3 tought cards one at the beginning,one in the middle,and one at the end

Siren-965 damage
Shield of Talos-90% protection from storm,fire,and ice
Neptune-does 600 damage to all enemies

Volcano-does 700 damage to all enemies
Hades-does 400 damage every round for three turns
Summon Fire Warrior-summons a fire warrior

Shield of power-85% protection and a ice blade
Ice Cage-all enemiesare frozen for 3 turns
Snow Maiden-900 damage

Ragnoarok-does 1000 to all enemies
Hydra-800 damage
Valor-summons a warrior minion

Nymph-900 healing
Vines of Healing-700 healing to everyone(not enemies)
Faith-heals 700 every round for three rounds

Chains-enemy is stunned for three rounds
Valkeriye-900 damage to enemy half of the damage you do heals your person
Lich-does 1000 damage

Ultimite Shield:90% protection for fire,storm,ice,life,myth,and death
Isis-does 600 damage and the target is stunned
Sand King-does 1000 damage

if you are one class you can use training points for others all the creatures you have to fight are really toughtyou can also get cool housing items and stuff you can also and this is the cool part there is a shop that lets you customize your character and you can have them have wings,horns,tails so they can look really cool. wizard101 please put some of this stuff into the game and please post this comment it would make not just me but a lot of people happy :)

Jul 10, 2009

Volcano-does 700 damage to all enemies
Hades-does 400 damage every round for three turns
Summon Fire Warrior-summons a fire warrior

Nymph-900 healing
Vines of Healing-700 healing to everyone(not enemies)
Faith-heals 700 every round for three rounds

I say life needs some damage and minon spells like fire :)

Apr 28, 2009
sry for misspelling words o yeah i was a little tired last night and forgot that hydra was a balance card so this is the new one

Ettin-does 100 damage then 1000

Dec 13, 2008
I like that opposite world thing its a awesome idea, but i think you may wanna put some xp in there because it IS a world and i cant seem to get past level 48 I also think you could put some new cards there like one card at the end of the world and one like in the middle. Other then that its pretty good 8) 8) 8) 8)

-Justin SilverDust level 48 Balance wiz

Jun 20, 2009
Thats a cool idea but what if insted of a world is a opprt spirle ps i know my spellings wrong :P