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New world- Consider KI

Aug 25, 2010
Hey everybody, I have allready concluded that if there is ever a new world- since we have allready been to Egypt, London, China, Greece, Underwater /Atlantis, and now an African jungle; and i can't think of anywhere else- we will be going to...(drum roll)

SPATIO-----------Space- The final fronteir (haha, long shot)

But if we do go, and the level cap gets raised to 80, it will be a awesome world filled with space shuttles, teleporters, aliens, and cool fancy looking high tech stuff!
Main story line-
A large group of the dogs from marleybone (uhg, not them again) is on an expediton to learn more about... something... and there space ship broke down on the moon, now you have to travel the solar system to get replacement pieces.
Lunar Base- a baren, flat landscape with space junk scattered everywhere; and three large teleporters that go back in time into different places in the universe.

Mars- infested with martian aliens, the final goal is fight the mars rover and collect the wheels for ... landing gear or something

Jupiter- more aliens- final goal is to fight the robot that controls the Galileo probe and steal the protective siding and circut board from it

Sun- a humungus dungean! You teleport into a huge futuristic ship condemmened on a path to the sun! You have to battle your way to the engine room, where a huge boss is gaurding the engine. Once you defeat him, you collect the engine and teleport back to the lunar base just before the ship burns up!
You assembal the parts and the dogs leave to go back!!

please comment if you like and want to see it come soon!!!!!!!!!

May 13, 2009
Celestia is a space/underwater world so there is no way your idea for a world would come out. But maybe they could have a world in ancient greece.

Aug 25, 2010
emc99 wrote:
But maybe they could have a world in ancient greece.

Ok wow, so you are telling me that atheneum and necropolis aren't in ancient greece- you seriusly need to go back to like, third grade.